Xcel Lifesciences utilizes best practices from 13+  years of laboratory and informatics experience in order to develop and deliver robust and cost-effective solutions to suit our client’s specific requirements. Because our group of experts knows laboratories, the systems, the LIMS application and IT, we are able to accomplish more, in less time, than a large unfocused team of people. Our experience in all kind of laboratories has led us to firmly believe that the best solutions to accommodate laboratory workflows are those that provide flexibility, scalability, and extendibility through configuration tailored to meet the laboratory’s immediate future state workflows and its long-term functional roadmap.

At  Xcel Lifesciences, we efficiently configure and customize Labware LIMS system to meet your business objectives. Configuration is the mechanism that incorporates the business rules, workflows, best practices and standard procedures of the organization into the COTS product like LABWARE LIMS. Proper configuration that is in-line with the features and strengths of the LIMS product will provide true value from the implemented system.