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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Modern state of art laboratory operations requires dedicated IT enabled applications and laboratory data management resources to improve overall operational efficiency. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) allows optimizing and managing routine laboratory operations such as standard data acquisition, instruments and application integration, laboratory networking, data processing, and storage as per standard regulatory compliance guidelines.

By choosing the right LIMS based upon specific laboratory operations and custom needs, LIMS proves to be an important resource in automating the workflows, integrating instruments, and managing samples and associated information. Ultimately, a well-implemented LIMS makes it possible to produce precise, reproducible results much faster with more reliability. LIMS makes data from sequencing runs easier to save, track, and assess over time and across experiments to ensure labs can evaluate and improve operational efficiency.

Xcel Life sciences utilize best practices from 15+ years of laboratory and informatics experience to develop and deliver robust and cost-effective solutions to accommodate our client’s specific requirements. Due to an integrated ecosystem comprising of experts, the systems, and the LIMS application, we have the ability to accomplish more in less time resulting in cost effective solutions. Our extensive experience across various labs helps us to deliver the best solutions that are flexible, scalable, and extendable.

Clients are increasingly seeking a strategic IT partner who is able to understand the critical challenges and propose a feasible solution. In managed service we take complete ownership of deliverables during requirement, design, implementation and development.

Requirement finalization and Configuration are two significant prerequisite processes during the LIMS implementation or development of customized laboratory procedures that incorporate the business enterprise rules, workflows, best practices, and standard procedures of the laboratories.

Xcel Life sciences provide complete LIMS implementation services and laboratory software development services as part of our lab informatics service offerings. Our proficient LIMS experts efficiently configure and customize the LIMS system to meet your laboratory’s objectives.

  • Business requirement analysis
  • Project management
  • Cloud Migration
  • Solution architecting
  • Design and implementation
  • Data migration
  • Performance management
  • System integration/consolidation
  • Configuration
  • LIMS Custom module development
  • Testing and transition
  • User training
  • Computer systems validation
  • LIMS Implementation Managers
  • LIMS Administrators
  • LIMS Programmers
  • LIMS Architect Consultants
  • LIMS Developers
  • LabWare LIMS Developers
  • LIMS Software Engineers